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Del Monte

Del Monte

Established since 1916, the Del Monte brand has been synonymous with premium quality. Today, Del Monte offers as many as 200 products sourced from the best growing regions in the United States.

With its wide variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables, Del Monte constantly strives to cultivate the best garden quality products to help families live a life full of vitality and enjoyment.



Twisst brings the life to any party with its ready-to-drink mocktails. First introduced at Gulfood 2016, it won the award for best new non-alcoholic beverage. Twisst takes inspiration from cocktails around the world and now has 7 flavours to offer that are formulated by professional mixers.


Coppola Foods

Beyond preserving its heritage, Coppola has evolved into an international innovative brand committed to making good food better. With products across the categories of tomatoes, legumes, oils, grains, pastas just to name a few, Coppola offers premium authentic Italian food with a passion passed down four generations and still counting.

The comprehensive range of products are healthy, ethically sourced and made with non-GMO ingredients. With a deep understanding of the impact that our foods makes on our health and our planet, Coppola chooses the better option every step of the way, from sourcing through to packaging.

La Molisana


Founded by Marcellino Mutti in 1899, his great passion and commitment to quality propelled the brand to become one of the leaders in the tomato products industry. The company’s success can be attributed to a past which is rich in history, innovation and quality.

The company’s first innovative product – Mutti tube, also known as “the tube with thimble” then – provided both convenience and improved storage for tomato paste. The company later on also launched another new quality product – the finely chopped tomato pulp – in which production remains a secret until today. The latest unique product from Mutti is the world’s first Tomato vinegar – a testament that innovation is one of the core pillars of the Mutti brand.

“…Our mission? Bringing this fruit to its maximum expression…”, this sentence beautifully summarizes the heart of the Mutti company. In other words, the conviction of being the only brand company that deals solely in quality Italian tomatoes. From farming company to international industrial business, the business is backed by the passion of a family that has been guaranteeing the quality of its products for over a century.

Mutti: Tomato. Our only passion.

Golbal Group OHSAS 18001


A Singapore homegrown brand, Cowhead has gained recognition beyond local boundaries to reach regional markets such as the Philippines. The brand first started with only UHT fresh milk but has expanded its product offerings to include full cream milk powder, pure creamery butter, natural and processed cheese as well as biscuits.

Manufactured and packed under the most stringent quality control, Cowhead brings to consumers products made from the best that nature has to provide.

La Molisana


Cocomas is a subsidiary company of Indonesia’s Sarimas Group. Based in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, Sarimas Group is a food company focused in the cultivation and processing of coconuts and palm fruits. Product portfolio includes desiccated coconut, coconut cream, coconut water, crude coconut oil, coconut fibre, nata de coco, coconut shell charcoal, virgin coconut oil, etc.

Coconut is known to be one the most versatile fruits – this is something that Cocomas has built its business on. From coconut water to desiccated coconut, the company offers a wide variety of products made from the freshest ingredient. This is a promise that the company commits itself to, using coconuts that are chosen from its self-owned plantations and processed under high standards.